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Default who broke what?

time to fess up with damage reports

I broke an exhaust manifold getting on the ferry leaving P E I
got it fixed in New Glasgow

who else has stories
cruisin forever
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I popped a ballast resistor in Charlottetown PEI. Norm came to the rescue with a spare as well as a tail light bulb. Other than that, the roadster performed very well.
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Lost one (of 2) screws that holds the SS rim center cap in place. Makes for a CLING CLANG sounding time.

Got one from Canadian tire in New Brunswick (now with lock washers) for $.90 cents, all good and tight now.
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Had transmission leak going up the hills on Cabot Trail. Just a loose fitting.

But had noise from rear end (the car's, not mine!). I checked it out back in Toronto and found out that the new differential installed last year was overtightened - now have to replace the gear set again!

And the shop that installed it last year is out of business!
And its not a $0.90 fix!
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We arrived back Sunday afternoon from Syracuse. The rear end noise that started in Charlottetown( 1/2 litre of fluid) didn't get any worse but not better either. Still not sure what is the cause. It is consistant under load or coasting, cornering left or right. Loudess at 30mph at 60 it sounds like a knoby truck tire type of whine. I will put it on the hoist and listen with a stethascope
We had a wonderful time with the entire trip
Thanks to all
Tim And Di
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I got home from Syracuse Saturday.

Lost my gas cap on the Cabot Trail (left it on the roof while filling, when it fell off we couldn't find it). Borrowed one at the Atlantic Nationals from a Model A guy who also won the lifetime achievement award. Mailed it back, he should have it any day now. I picked up my new one in Portland, ME where I had it shipped.

Replaced the front brakes in North Conway, NH. An easy fix using the tools I had with - the NAPA guy even had the cheap ones and the good ones.

I have a week to get ready for our trip to Louisville. A few small maintenance items and an oil change and I'll be ready to roll.

See you down the road,
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Red face Pot Holes!

We hit a pothole and threw the front end out of alignment by about 2 inches. Thanks to everyone for their help. We couldn't have continued without you.
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